My Book is in Print!

You guys, my book is officially here, in print!! It's one thing to have published a book first of all, but to have a book that I wrote in my actual hands is just so surreal. I can't quite explain it. Especially, since I have been such a huge bookworm since I was old enough to read and always the reader and not the writer.  

I wrote this book over 1 year ago, but then unpublished it because I wasn't happy with the editing, so now I have re-edited and put my book back on Amazon.  I actually designed the cover myself, sourcing the images and fonts. It was such a fun project!  It's available via Kindle, Paperback and if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can grab a copy for free!

I wrote this book after I left my corporate job and decided to work from home on my blog and writing books. The book was inspired by my time at the Law Firm as a Secretary. It's a fun, light read; full of romance, fun, inspiration and lots of girly things such as shopping and hanging out with girlfriends! If you like Inspirational Chick Lit or Contemporary Romance, then you will definitely like my book. Definitely go and check it out and grab a copy for yourself. 

What are your favorite book genres?