DIY Projects for 2017

So if you're new here, you know that the hubby and I recently had a new home built but we still have a few projects that we want to work on this year. While I'm not the best at DIY and would rather BUY, the hubby loves working on new projects. I'm always happy with the outcome afterwards and I'm excited for a few DIY Projects on our list for 2017.

Home DIY

A fire-pit has been on my wish-list forever so this is one of the DIY's I'm most excited for! I love enjoying sitting outside with the hubby chatting about our day with a glass of wine.

via My Domaine

When we had our home built, we left a few things unfinished with the Kitchen back-splash being one of them. I have already chosen the back-splash which was the easiest part. I'm so excited for it since I cook so much at home.

We ended up having a wide open space in the dining room left so we came up with the idea (mostly my idea) to build a seating area under the window. I am excited for this because I love reading my books.

Do you like DIY or would your rather BUY? Let me know in the comments!