Grateful for the Small Things

I was thinking the other day how I can't believe that it's almost July already! Tomorrow is the first official day of Summer and I am day dreaming about being at the beach right now. My husband and I have been working really hard all year and we really need a break to just relax and also the hubby's birthday is in July, so I'm researching some places to stay without breaking the bank. We are leaning towards camping out since it's much less expensive and we haven't camped in over 10 years! This is exactly why the hubby and I really want to get a camper so that we can go whenever or wherever we like! (I plan on doing a fun post all about campers soon!)

Here is what else that we have been up to lately:

  • Interior Trim & Molding (will be painting next week!)
  • Cleaned out Garage
  • My sister and I cooked + brought food over to my Mom's (she fell and broke her foot and hasn't been able to get around well for 6 weeks or more)
  • Another week my sister and I went to my Mom's again to clean and organize her house, we also helped her sell her settee
  • Helped my Mother in Law clean and organize her attic + garage
  • Selling items on my Facebook- which has been a great help since I can't work an 8-5 right now
  • Client social media work/Newsletter creation/helped my sister with her website
  • Blog Reviews
  • Saving money from my sales to put towards paying off the land loan
  • Sticking with a budget; only buying necessary groceries
  • Cleaned out closet & consigned some clothing
  • Working on our Garden
  • Visiting with family, sister's graduation, drove my MIL to Savannah for Mother's Day
  • Lots of praying during my daily walks (our future, finances, God's plan for our lives, health)

I haven't talked about it much but I'm still dealing with Epstein Barr Virus after getting rid of the H Pylori, Candida and Acid Reflux, so I have to be careful not to stress or work too hard. The other day when I cleaned my Mother in Law's for 1.5 days, I ended up being in bed almost 3 days sleeping most of the day because I was so exhausted. I still have to be really careful about what I eat and how I treat my body, so I haven't gotten as much done around the house as I would like. I also have to eat a specific diet & take vitamins spaced all throughout the day, so going on a cruise is out of the question for a while. For now, we plan on sticking with renting a place or camping during the summer, that way I can buy organic foods and cook them myself.

Even with fighting this virus daily, I'm still so grateful each day that I have a good day with energy to do things. I don't take anything for granted any longer; every day is a blessing. After what I have been through this year, it's becoming very difficult to be around people who are negative or complain about little things. Instead of complaining, I just think about all of the different ways that God has blessed me! I thank God for having mercy on me and opening my eyes before it was too late. I want to keep my heart purified, kind, compassionate, loving, generous and forgiving.

I'm so grateful for the small things- like even having a cup of coffee without my body acting up or when my lymph nodes don't swell while I sleep. Or that I now have my sisters back as my friends and we can fully support and love each other. For so long, I felt so alone and I longed for the days that I could have someone to have coffee + go shopping with and now I finally have that! This year has been the most amazing year so far and I am so looking forward to all of the wonderful blessings that God has in store for us!

What are you most grateful for today?