Less is More

Happy Thursday ya'll! I'm so excited because we leave for our Wisconsin trip this Sunday! The hubby and I have been working so hard to get things done around the house before we leave, so a break will be so nice!

The house interior trim is officially finished!! It is so nice to have that off my list finally!

I have also been working hard to clean out the garage lately. I have sold several items (side table, smart watch, Christmas items, shelving, jeans). I'm hoping to sell a chair and a grill this week before I leave. Every time that I sell or throw away something, I feel so much lighter! I'm making it my goal this year to get rid of anything that we're not using and also not to buy unless I actually need it. 

We have also been researching campers as an alternative for traveling instead of cruises & hotels. I have had so much fun researching the different campers but I'll be glad when I can actually find one!! We are supposed to be going to look at one this week, so I'm praying that it's the one. I already have so many ideas on how I want to decorate and make my own. 

Image above via 99architecture

For me, I feel like this year has been a year of getting rid of the old and starting fresh, both physically, emotionally and spiritually. I've lost the desire for acquiring "stuff." Less is More. When I go to stores, there are always going to be things that are better and prettier than what I already have- the chase will never stop. It's like an endless game and honestly, I'm over it. I am focusing more on enjoying life, family and travel- those are things that matter to me. 

Speaking of travel; after Wisconsin, we have two more trips lined up for this year. One at the end of September and the other at the end of October, so I'm really excited! One is a camping trip and the other is in North Georgia to a festival that we have been really wanting to go to!

Do you have any fun trips planned this year?