Making Some Positive Changes in My Life!

This week I was thinking about how I was before I got sick & hospitalized this year. There were so many things that I was doing wrong in my life that I didn't even realize. Now that I see all of the things that I was doing wrong; I have been working on changing things in my life.

Things that I was doing that negatively impacted my life:

  • Holding on to resentment, anger and unforgiveness
  • Placing too high of expectations on people that they couldn't ever meet
  • Being too stressed, living chaotic/frazzled
  • Not taking time to really enjoy life & appreciate the little things
  • Not slowing down to breathe. I found myself holding my breath at times
  • Not taking time out for myself
  • Bad eating/Rushed eating/Skipped meals
  • Worrying way too much about things
  • Neglecting to spend time with my family &  really appreciate them

I have learned so much since I became sick this year. I have learned to appreciate the small things and appreciate my family. Most of all I have learned that there were so many things that I just took for granted without even realizing what a blessing these things are in my life. My health, my family, being able to eat, being able to enjoy working outside; all of these things now mean so much to me. 

Things that I am doing now to positively change my life:

  • I have let go of all resentment, anger and forgiven those that I was at odds with. It is the most freeing feeling to not hold on to petty things!
  • I have let go of my high expectations that I used to place on people and am accepting them as they are. None of us are perfect. I realized that once I let go of my high expectations, I started noticing the wonderful things about people.
  • I am eliminating all stress from my life. I have turned down several clients just in the past 2 weeks because I just don't want the added stress in my life. I am doing only things that I love. Right now, I run a refurbished shop with my sister and I am happy doing that and we are keeping it laid back and not stressful.
  • I am now taking the time to enjoy my life. I have been gardening so much lately. I go walking usually 1-2 times per day and am getting back in touch with nature. I am taking a break from technology. I have barely watched any TV in 3 months. I find that I get so much more done because of it, so that's a huge plus!
  • I have incorporated deep breathing throughout the day. Even as I am writing this, I am practicing my deep breathing exercises. 
  • I have made it a point to take more time out for myself whether it's getting out of the house and running to the library with my sister, reading a book, taking a nice Epsom salt bath or taking a walk.
  • I will have to do an entirely separate post on eating but I have been eating much healthier. Instead of skipping meals, I am making sure to eat all throughout the day. Less coffee, more water and I eat lots of organic bone broths, fatty fish, probiotics, yogurt, fruit and veggies. I also take more time to enjoy and chew my food and eat smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day.
  • This has been a big one for me- worrying. I didn't realize how much that I was actually worrying before I became sick. My main worries usually have to do with money and our house project list. I have learned to lean more on God and give him my burdens, He is much more capable of handling my problems than I ever will be!

I have been focusing more on things that I am grateful for; the little things like taking a walk outside, having a cup of coffee with my sister or chatting on the phone with my Mom. One of the huge lessons that I learned from God was that He wanted me to learn how to slow down and enjoy my life and not be so frazzled and always working and not taking the time to enjoy the things around me. There were so many days that I would get stressed out and instead of stopping and praying and giving it over to God, I would try to do it on my own and would fail because I'm only human and can only do so much. But now I pray at the beginning of my days, for God to bless my day to be productive and that I am able to get the things accomplished that I need to, and my days always turn out so much better than when I try to do it all on my own!

God has taught me to find joy in the little things and how to slow down and I have to admit, I wish I had done this sooner. It's so much easier living life this way, not stressing over every little thing, but instead now I leave my problems in God's hands. Now, instead of living so much in the future, worrying about how things will turn out, I can enjoy the present moment that God has given me and it's glorious!

What are some of the ways that you could introduce more positive things into your life?