My new Favorite Soda!


Organicville Foods sent me a couple of their products to try out on the blog; their organic sodas + their gluten free General Tso sauce. We were actually took a road trip that week, so the organic sodas came in handy! I loved the sparkling sodas and the bottles are so gorgeous! I'm thinking about ordering some of these for my next Birthday party!

For the General Tso Sauce, I marinated some pork-chops for the hubby's dinner. (I forgot to take an after photo). They were so good! It didn't take much to marinate the meat so this bottle will go a long ways. I think I will try to make an Asian shrimp stir-fry another night.

Organicville Foods also offers lots of other products such as salsas, dressings, etc. I love that their products are organic and they are easy to pick up at your local Publix or other natural/health food stores.

Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. These opinions are completely my own, based on my personal experience.  

Have you tried any of the Organicville products?