Beach Road-Trip!

Seaside, Florida Beach

We drove to Seaside this morning and when we arrived, it was crowded and by crowded I mean, tons of people, so busy that there were lines for the foodie trucks, no place for parking. Huge crowds and lots of noise is definitely not my cup of tea. We made the decision to move on to a less crowded beach, so we ended up settling on the Santa Rosa Beach area and hopefully go back to Seaside in the Fall when there are less people at the beach

The Perfect Pig, Seaside, Florida

We ate at the Perfect Pig in Santa Rosa for lunch. I ordered the quiche & the hubby ordered the pulled pork sandwich on brioche. Lunch was delicious and our food didn't take long to arrive- which was great because I was ready to get to the beach! Such a cute spot for lunch- it was obviously very popular because there were no seats left when we arrived & they seated us by the bar, which worked out well because it was a quieter spot with just the two of us.

Seaside, Florida Beach Lunch
Seaside, Florida, Perfect Pig for Lunch
Seaside Beach, Florida

It was such a gorgeous day! I ended up reading 2 books and got a nice tan- great day in all!!

Publix organic snacks for roadtrip

We stopped by Publix to grab some healthy snacks for the ride back home!

Starbucks coffee, reading book, road trip

And of course, a Starbucks coffee to go! I love road-trips because it's the one time that I slow down and catch up on my reading.

Do you like Road-Trips?