Update on "Project Simplify"


Image via Tiny Living

So remember my last blog post about how my goal for 2017 is "Project Simplify?" Early this year, I just all of a sudden got tired of "stuff." I realized how materialistic that I have been in the past and how things just don't make me happy anymore. I came to the realization that it's not things, but moments that truly make me happy. Such as having a cappuccino + reading a good book or playing Scrabble with my family or going on a new adventure. Well, needless to say, I have been really focused & have been able to accomplish so much in the past few weeks! 

  • Sold several items: Coleman cooler, set of 2 chairs, Fossil Watch, Anthropologie ring, Fall boots and a patio set (sanded and re-stained + washed pillows + cushions)
  • Sold my first hand-made scarf for this Fall! (I make infinity scarves, so if you would like one, feel free to message me)
  • Threw away several bags of things that were junk/unsellable
  • Cleaned out closet & have 2 HUGE storage containers of clothing, shoes + jewelry to consign
  • Went through junk drawers and threw away about 9 pin-drives 
  • Sorted through drawers and threw out several older items
  • Burning off fallen trees/cleaning yards
  • Ordered 20 books from the Library (instead of purchasing), 95% were books on minimalism, so hopefully I will get some new inspiration!
  • Have a huge bag of books to trade out at the Downtown Free Library (going this Friday!!)

We have also been catching up on work around the house. We (the hubby) finally got around to killing 3 wasp nests so that I could clean the exterior house. The hubby worked on the Shed all weekend and I helped out by mowing the grass, pressure washing the deck + stairs + lights. I also organized the garage sale items into boxes + threw away a few more items.

I finally weeded/pulled up entire garden with the exception of the okra + bell-pepper + eggplants. We will be planting seeds this week for the Fall garden. I love having my own garden right in my backyard!

I also have been selling quite a few of my Virtual Assistant Books on Amazon, so that's exciting! If you want to learn how to start an easy VA business from home, I teach you how to in my eBook!  Right now, my book is on special for $5.99. And of course, I am always happy to answer any questions on starting your own business, after you finish my book.

Coming up in 2 weeks, we will be attending the Tiny Home Mountain Festival in Elijay, Georgia, which I am SO excited about! We rented a small cabin in between Elijay and Blue Ridge and hopefully we can do some fun things like apple picking while we are there!

The hubby and I have been fans of Tiny Homes every since Tumbleweed Houses first came out with the idea in 1999. I think I'm slowly convincing the hubby to sell our home and eventually build a Tiny Home so that we can work remotely + travel the world! Basically all that I need is a place to sleep, cook and relax and I will be good! I'm at a time in my life where I want less maintenance & I want to experience life more and fit as much adventure in as possible!

Are you a minimalist? As a new minimalist, I would love to hear your secrets!